Our Mission

Our mission is to become a family of believers who worship Christ with everything and teach others to do the same.

our core values

We value prayer. We believe that nothing of lasting value can be done unless it is birthed in prayer. Prayer involves communicating with God and is a vital part of our lives.

We value family. The family is the vehicle God uses to teach the next generation how to faithfully serve him. We support, encourage and protect the family. This is the foundation of God’s church. We are a family of families.

We value community. It’s not about us, it’s about doing life together with others in meaningful relationships. Christ’s love is best expressed through the compassion, generosity and encouragement we show others.

We value generosity. People have needs and we are called to help meet the needs of others through our generosity. We believe in faithful living and faithful giving.

We value growth. Growing helps us develop, mature and be successful in our personal lives and relationships. Growing takes time and we commit to invest in helping people believe, worship and grow as disciples of Christ.