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BECOMING Women's conference

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From Mother’s Day luncheons to Conferences, we provide larger group activities to invite women to experience Christ and truth while having fun. While this is not our primary way of reaching women, we utilize these events to remain connected to larger groups of women at one time.


We want to be an extension of Christ’s love to others. We commit to serving women, children, and their families in a variety of ways. We will provide support and resources to women who are sick, in shelters, rehabilitation homes and/or programing and incarceration. In this way, we will bring light amid the darkness in these women’s lives.


This is a critical aspect of all we do within and without Thrive. There will be opportunities, sometimes tailored directly for a woman, to walk with her through life. These opportunities are generally short-term in length and are meant to assist with specific needs and provide resources, such as spiritual (salvation, etc.), community, etc.